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Two young artists witness the Pentagon footage of a UFO craft and decide to design their own. They embark in the quest for new propulsion systems allowing for fast, silent and propelantless air and space vehicles. They succeed by identifying the EmDrive Thruster, and their newly founded Luna Aircraft Corp. is soon to announce the first public tourist spacecraft, the Luna PSV (Personal Space Vehicle) equiped with electromagnetic engines. Men in Black intervene in the most radical way... yet, in the shadow, the White Hats are watching and having the back of the genuine entrepreneurs about to achieve "a giant leap for mankind!": The disclosure of gravity control technologies "For all nations to reach for the Moon and beyond..."

Luna Aircraft - Story       

Chapters :

  • 2017. Calarts. Tess and George, “G”, (artists/animation students) watch the “Tic Tac” UFO report on TV.

  • Tess and G discover the propulsion technologies (and others) cover-up on a planetary scale: N.Tesla, O. Carr, TT Brown, J. Searl…

  • Checking Caltech and finding it scientifically too “conservative” to “make it happen!” Calarts is the way!... for now.

  • Choosing Roger Shawyer’s EmDrive technology as the first, simplest (yet NASA tested), step for a UFO disclosure “chain reaction”.

  • Roger genuinely teaming up with Tess and G via his company Satellite Propulsion Research (SPR Ltd.).

  • At Roger’s request, Tess and G agree to be subject to the UK MoD background check / Men In Black (MIB) online.

  • SPR Ltd. drafts the Personal Space Vehicle (PSV) Programme Proposal to travel to the Moon and back propellantlessly!

  • Tess completes “The tale of LunApollo” and G “The tale of Luna Aircraft”.

  • Tess and G drop out of college to fund Luna Aircraft Corp.

  • Roger confirms an UK based EmDrive R&D laboratory as the easiest path to get UK MoD approval. Tess and G label it "EmDrive Motors".

  • UK Gilo Industries is officially in for aerospace sub-contracting service to design and build the Luna PAV.

  • Goonhilly Earth Station of the UK confirms its offering of services to Luna Aircraft Corp. for its lunar endeavours.

  • With SPR Ltd. PSV Proposal, Gilo Industries, Goonhilly Earth Station, Luna Aircraft is up for fund raising.

  • Deck presentation in LA and SF to high tech investment companies: Tess and G are "laugh at" or subject to push back!

  • "Never mind!" the two entrepreneurs go. Luna Aircraft Corp. is registered as an aerospace start-up at Mojave Spaceport / MIB tailing.

  • Las Vegas based Scroggins Aviation joins in to produce the UAV and PAV mock-ups.

  • Night in Vegas. Magic angel investor offers to cover the $30 Million Phase 1 budget! Party time!!!

  • The FBI raids G’s LA beach condo! “It’s him” states an immune to prosecution Las Vegas “angel" / MIB agent.

  • As CEO of Luna Aircraft Corp. G is charged with drug money laundering?!! and jailed (a MIB classic trip to squash inventors). 

  • Tess panics and finds refuge in a LA Korea Town sauna (Tess is a Korean/Irish national) and places an international phone call: “Omma!”

  • Over a diner in K-Town, Tess is "joined" and blackmailed by the MIB “angel”: “Drop it and your friend goes free.”

  • The next morning, a red convertible Bentley takes Tess to Korean mob boss who greets her: “Daring little sister”…

  • Mob boss is the cover for an ex-CIA agent turned White Hat. He takes Tess to an elevator ride, 11 floors below!

  • Boss exposed Tess to reverse engineered UFOs propulsions and crafts: “We now have the technology to take ET home*”.

  • Tess is shown among other vehicles, the Fluxliner, the TR-3B, the S4 Sport Model, the Klarer Light. “I could feel all of them…” she thinks.

  • Boss brings Tess back to the surface and states: “Many millennium kids can feel it too. You and G can bring it to the public like we can’t… You see, we know too much, we have been compromised along the way by not blowing the whistle… We can only act in your shadow…    You are genuine… Your vision to incrementally disclose “exotic” technologies, starting with the EmDrive, is right on! Do it! We have your back Daring Little Sister.”

  • Tess finds G in her flat! White Hats paid his $1 Million bail!... while the “angel” was “taken out!... by a saucer like spacecraft!!!”

  • Tess and G spend the night designing, her, a Moon Art Exhibition, and him, the Luna PAV Presentation.

  • Luna Aircraft is to be a non-profit corporation teaming with US based Korean Tech & Media companies.

  1. Hyundai Motor for the transportation (air, space) industrial programs.

  2. LG Electronics plasma screen technology for the Vegas show and for a Moon Art Exhibition.

  3. Samsung Galaxy for communication equipment on Earth, on the Moon and beyond!

  • Funding a space program via entertainment productions.

  1. Animation Xmas TV Special/EmDrive tech promoted via “The tale of LunApollo”.

  2. Advertising Luna Aircraft/EmDrive Motors in a Start Trek style.

  3. Unmanned Air Vehicle as a Las Vegas permanent show/EmDrive public awareness.

  4. Online “spacecraft design” UNESCO backed program for kindergarten kids: “Chick Apollo Space Center”.

  • As Korean corporations are “shy” to join in (shareholders are it!) Tess and G go crowdfunding!

  • In no-time, the Luna PAV Phase 1 $30 Million fund is in!!! to support an adventure that will initiate a planetary disclosure with a baseline:  “For flying cars to finally open the 3rd dimension to all!”

  • Korean corporations join the $150 Million Luna PAV Phase 2 at 25% while the remaining 75% are "By and for the People!"

  • 2027. Luna Aircraft launches its spaceline company, Luna Spaceways, with the Luna PAV first public lift-off!

  • 2029. UNESCO HQ Paris, France, and the Kennedy Space Center, FL. feature live the “LunApollo Event” which introduced to the world on this July 20th, 2029 for the 60th anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon landing, the Luna Aircraft 7 years and $750 Million Phase 3 Luna PSV program and its completed spacecraft with its motto: “For all nations to reach for the Moon and beyond…”


* Ben Rich, President of Skunkworks, Lockheed Martin advanced research division, UCLA, Alumni meeting 1993.

Note: All companies named above exist and most of their leaders agreed in writing to be part of the Luna Aircraft development.

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