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Luna Spaceways is dedicated to service clients for missions to the surface of the Moon, either cargo or manned. In its testing phase, and for marketing purpose too, Luna Spaceways will conduct transatlantic flights in the spirit of those adventurers who flew the ocean first a century ago...

The strong point Luna Spaceways has compare to its colleagues in the aerospace industry is its space-carrier, the Luna PSV, electromagnetic propulsion technology manufactured under a licensing agreement with Luna Aircraft and its industrial partners. Such technology allows low operational costs, vertical lift from Earth without propellant, and limited space and security measures for launching and landing.

Spacecraft: Luna PSV

Year in service: 2029

Mission: Moon exploration & settlement

Load: 3 tons of cargo or 3 passengers

Flight time to the Moon: 36 hours

Travel to the Moon frequency: weekly

Propulsion technology: Electromagnetic

Characteristics: Propellant-less, reusable, H2O emission

Earth-Moon-Earth flight cost: $150,000 (in LH2 fuel)

Cargo missions:

The Luna PSV spacecraft has a load capacity is 3 tons, and its delivery time from Earth to the lunar surface is of 36 hours. With 2 weekly lunar cargo flights planned from 2029, Luna Spaceways can deliver monthly 24 tons of equipment or goods to the Moon surface. Such cargo capacity addresses the need of up-coming lunar scientific and leisure oriented missions to, respectively, either conduct scientific project with potential need for laboratories construction, or develop hotels & resorts as tourists destinations. Luna Spaceways is currently listing potential clients in these two sectors.


Manned missions:

Complementary to the cargo missions, the lunar manned missions scheduled from 2029 will transport space tourists to enjoy developing Moon based hotels & resorts.

Costs for either cargo or manned missions are presented in the Luna Spaceways Business Plan.

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