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Luna Spaceways Business Plan is based on fees allocated to cargo mission per ton delivered to the lunar surface, or to manned mission per seat for a round trip ticket for either a scientific or a tourism related mission.


Cargo mission fee:

Luna Spaceways plans on a lunar cargo fee per ton delivered of $1 million, a fee that matches the price paid by aerospace clients per ton delivered in... LEO (Low Eath Orbit). With cargo flight delivering twice a week 3 tons, or about 25 tons monthly, Luna Spaceways projects a 3 years to break even on its budget of $1 billion for Luna PSV R & D and construction in cooperation with Luna Aircraft. From 2033, the service provided by Luna PSV craft should see a significant drop in fee, as a new faster, larger spacecraft known as the Lunaliner will take over both cargo and tourism missions.


Manned mission fee:

While Luna Spaceways first three years of operation are cargo and allow to break even on the initial investment of $1 billion, the Moon manned missions will benefit a lower fare per flight to be determined at a later time. That lower pricing will allow space tourists - including elderly and children - to venture and vacation on the Moon. 

As it will do for the cargo mission, the Lunaliner will take over the manned mission, in this case by 2030. The Luna PSV interior will then be redesigned to address a “niche” market where space tourists will enjoy the now rather long 36 hours lunar flight as a "Trip to the Moon for Two!"

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